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SHOWS : L.T.D.M.S. will be playing at Magain 4 (Brussels)on wednesday 16 march with Mutiny on the Bounty and Taïfun. It will be the sole gig for some months, be there !

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MUSIC : "insérer titre" out on Oxide Tones since april 2012. Read some reviews of the new album: Wonderland Is A Lie, Presto ! music magazine , , Rif Raf (Fr), Rif Raf (NL) , Shoot Me Again , The Future Elements , Rustzine , A Closer Listen , Record Of The Week for Fade To Yellow, US radio show , "Onze" is Song Of The Week for

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Next show

Where Magasin 4 (Brussels)

Date : 16/03/16 - 19h30

With : Mutiny on the Bounty and Taïfun



L.T.D.M.S is a project involving six musicians and one videographer with various musical backgrounds from punk to classical. They offer on stage a noise and visual experience with original videos worked live by the videographer.

Since their debut, they play mainly on the post-rock scene in Belgium but also in France, Italy or Slovenia and recently during their last tour in Berlin and Slovakia.

Their last self-produced album "Insérer Titre", released in 2012, includes four songs recorded by four different sound engineers in four different places.




L.T.D.M.S. live - april 2015 - Red Bar (Boulogne-sur-Mer / France) - here

L.T.D.M.S. live for the release party of "Insérer titre" - may 2012 - Salle RTT (Brussels) - full show here


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"Insérer titre" Out may 18 may 2012

insérer titre

1. "Douze"
2. "Dix"
3. "Six"
4. "Onze"

Label : Oxide Tones
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"L.T.D.M.S." Out 5 april 2007

"Démos" Out 9 april 2004

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